IMAGO DEI 3 - Interior Design

Specialists in Interior Design, Turnkey Projects, Renovation, and A&A works


Our company was founded on the principles of interior design being an extension of one’s personality, lifestyle and aspirations.

We look forward to each brand new day with one goal in mind – to be the inception point for better lives through positive transformation of living and work spaces for our clients.

Our projects are the physical manifestation of our ethos, delivered on the basis of industrial expertise and professionalism, fused with concept and construction. Our philosophy is that design should not be confined to just visuals, but complete sensory immersion of aural, touch, and human emotion.

We believe that the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client & the essence of the space.



We provide Ready-For-Occupancy (RFO) solutions by working closely with property developers and managements, and understanding their tenancy mix. This enables occupants to significantly minimize their downtime after the initial move-in stage. Your new Turn Key home includes everything you need.


Our Interior design service comprises of designing your living space with multi-faceted disciplines to build a home that strike a harmonious balance with all elements involved in a constant interplay

A&A Works

At Imago Dei 3, our concept of Addition & Alteration is more than just tearing down the old and fabricating new items to be installed. Apart from being used to refresh dated looks and optimize space usage, a good renovation can also help maximize efficiency of a workspace, and induce positive change for a better life.


Our designers are well versed in applying design concepts and principles on your home to ensure you get the best living environment. We strive to design your house into a place you love to call home.