Minimalist Interior Design for Your Home!

Looking to design your home in Minimalist style? 

Here’s what you need to know.

Minimalist Design & Lifestyle

Visual Perspective

Minimalist Design suggests simple design with unique focal point ,

  • Basic Elements combinations such as Shapes, Colours & Textures
  • Content that stands out as a focal point
  • Simple Line Finishing
Contemporary Interior Design
Contemporary Interior Design


Spacious and abundance of light are the key elements,

  • Monochromatic Colour Palette
  • A statement piece as a piece of art or anchor a space together
  • Harmonise combination of textures that compliment each other

Functionality Focused

As the theme suggests, build-up and furniture are kept to the minimal and everything should be functional and value add to the space.

  • Build-up as a focal point and also divides spaces
  • Include only necessity that enhances the space
  • Utilising new technology and technique to blend in monotonous lighting that doesn’t value add to the space¬†
Contemporary Interior Design
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Does Minimalist Concept Suit you?

If you have difficulty identifying what home design will suit your lifestyle & characters, we can advice you along the way. Just leave a contact for us to get back to you!