Client Chit-chat

We sit down with our client from Aalto Condominium to find out their thoughts about our service, and their entire renovation journey.

The Initial Discovery
“I first found out about Imago Dei 3 when searching online for home interior design and renovation ideas. Impressed by their portfolio, I proceeded to contact them and explained the requirements for my home. As this is the first time I am renovating my home in Singapore, their consultant walked me through the entire process.

The Proposal Stage
“The two main points of contact were Lesley, the Principal Consultant of Imago Dei 3, and the Design Consultant, Jackie. Based on his extensive experience, Lesley proposed and advised on design elements whilst Jackie focused on the day-to-day coordination of works and project management.

“One of the greatest aspects of home renovation that the Imago Dei 3 team helped me with was the space planning and layout. They helped me strike a balance between wanting my home to be spacious, functional, and still have the required built-ups. There‚Äôs only so much floor area after all. Through discussions and understanding my personality, the team advised me on the various material choices and colours that suit the overall design that I wanted for my home.

The Additional Services
“Apart from the built-ups that the team proposed and designed for my home, they also advised me on the various soft furnishings and lighting that would help to enhance the ambience of the interior.

After Thoughts
“Throughout the entire renovation process, I was, and am still very impressed by the service rendered by the Imago Dei 3 team. They were not only professional, but also very meticulous, at times even going beyond the call of duty to advise on other minor aspects of my home.