Bespoke Furnishing

We believe that a space is not complete without its accompanying furnishings. However, all too often, we have seen spaces with furnishing themes that do not fully communicate the intended look and feel. Here at Imago Dei 3, apart from designing dream interiors, we provide custom fabrication for furnishing pieces that will seamlessly blend into the designed space. We believe that each piece of furnishing should speak their own individual statement yet blend in harmoniously with the chorus of a space’s overall design theme.

Through the use of high quality teak and mahogany, our team of artisans and craftsmen deliver quality furnishing pieces that stays with you, revealing its individual characteristics as it ages with class. Quality furnishing pieces can also be heirloomed, bringing with it the family’s story and roots, and passing it down from generation to generation. Teak and mahogany opens up a multitude of ways for customization. From varnishing to airbrushing, custom sculpting and detailing, or even just retaining its natural look, our designer pieces are one-of-a-kind and no two pieces will be fully the same.

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